Rebecca Scott Newhouse
RedTheatre3-LeggedSpineCome Over to My HouseCome Over to My House, detailThree PlanesThree Planes, detailBlackBlack, detailInstallation, Dreitzer Gallery, Brandeis UniversityTheatre, installationSpine, installation
past work, 2012-2013
Patience to perform a sculptor’s task is a characteristic that cannot be created out of thin air: it is found within, and like any other skill, it must be honed. Like any chosen material, it takes action, not speculation, to discover.

Recently my work has taken me down a road of a more expansive nature; working towards larger scales, taking time to establish a personal touch through craft, and reinventing the components of a structure. This has resulted in an extreme focus in the vehicle for presentation: following the strict but simplistic formula of a table to configure new and unusual components of a "sculptural stand".

After the accumulation of certain skills, I began to to shift towards new materials, integrating polystyrene foam as a contemporary answer to traditional techniques such as carving. Willingly I enhance the direct reference to natural formations such as cliffs or mounds.

I continue to hone such skills to better understand material: using process as the first resource to reach new conclusions.